32nd GWI Triennial General Assembly

Resolutions approved at Triennial General Assemblies add an important dimension to the purpose, programme and mission of GWI. They form GWI policy and give direction to National Federations and Associations (NFAs) and the GWI leadership. They also provide focal points for NFA lobbying efforts with their respective governments and give guidance to our representatives at the United Nations to speak on our behalf. Internal resolutions address the governance and functioning of the Federation.

Deadline for proposing resolutions

·         All National Federations and Associations who are fully paid up members of GWI, i.e. whose dues are fully paid at the time of submitting a resolution, the GWI Board of Officers, GWI standing committees and GWI special committees may propose resolutions.

·         All resolutions must be received by GWI Headquarters by 19 February 2016, six months prior to the Conference. 

·         Only emergency resolutions relating to unexpected events occurring after 19 February 2016 may be submitted after that date. The General Assembly will vote on whether to admit an emergency resolution for debate; a two-thirds majority of the voting delegates is required.


·         Resolutions on public policy must be consistent with the purposes of GWI.

·         If GWI has previously adopted a policy resolution on the subject, the new proposal must refer to the exact GWI resolution to be reaffirmed and supply updated background information. Reaffirmation is made in order to highlight existing GWI policy for a specific purpose such as presentation to a UN conference or reaction to a current world event. The complete list of GWI policy resolutions can be viewed at www.graduatewomen.org/resolutions in the members’ section of the GWI website.

·         All resolutions must include a supporting statement and a suggested action plan. Resolutions will be categorised into mission-related, re-affirmed and non-mission-related. The maximum length of the submission, including the text of the resolution is two A4 pages.

·         Proposers should use the submission form, available in the members section of the GWI website.

·         The submission form, together with any optional supplementary materials should be sent as an email attachment toresolutions@gwi.graduatewomen.org. Please read the instructions on the submission form carefully.


Best regards,

Marianne Singh-Waraich, Convener

GWI Resolutions Committee 2013-2016