Message From GWI – Aoife Hegarty

Dear Aoife,

Thank you so much for your encouraging message. We would be pleased that you share the project in the Update and on your website.
We have seen that  the women working in SWSA are really enthusiastic about learning and progressing. What we did was to help them to show the way  to achieve their goals and to fullfill their mission. When we met them they were already running a small restaurant inside the municipality building. This shows they already have some skills about entrerpreneurship. What we did was to convince Aegean University and the provisional government to become a partner in this project.Aegean Univesity has a research center for women’s problem and they have  arranged the training sessions with Food Engineering and Marketing Faculties. Food hygiene, the impact of ingredients, food storage issues, the ideal mixture for Soma cookie has been taught by Food Engineering Faculty. Marketing Faculty  has taught them 4 P’ s of marketing and advised them about packaging, pricing and placement. In addition to these Ms Gülen Çetin has been and still an amazing mentor to them. She has built the network with the university,the provincial government and our Association. A significant amount of discount has been received in buying kitchenware with the help of our  member’s contact. Ms Çetin has followed every step SWSA has made  from production to packaging, buying the kitchenware. The critical issue in this project was convincing the parties and mentoring. Wihout Ms Çetin’s efforts and mentoring the outcome would be impossible.
Hope this information will be an explanation for your  questions.
Best wishes,
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Dear Gülbin,

 I hope this finds you and all the members at TAUW well. The GWI staff were all very inspired to read about the Soma Project – what a truly excellent initiative to support women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment. I would very much like to share the Project in our weekly Update if I may?

In addition to the Update, we would also like to offer you the membership benefit of having the project promoted on the GWI website. Here is a link to the projects page, where we could also include the Some Project if you like:

If you would like us to go ahead and publish it on the page, would it be possible that you could kindly provide me with some more details e.g. how you teach the women entrepreneurship skills, marketing etc. Entrepreneurship and the economic empowerment of women are very much priority areas of GWI – we are delighted to see that the Soma Project supports these skills. Please keep up the great work!

Many thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

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