Dear Members,

 It has been a year since Turkey has lived a tragedy with the mine explosion in Soma. It is not possible to heal the sorrow that families have lived and still living  there. Turkish government has distributed a compensation to the families of 301 mine workers who lost their lives  but the mine is closed and survivors are workless. Last year TAUW  decided to help the women in Soma in a manner which is developing and sustainable. TAUW board and members visited Soma in November and started a project in cooperation with the Soma Women Solidarity Association (SWSA). Thanks for our Japanese sisters JAUW whose donation has become the foundation of our project and we have created a fund with the donations from our boards,members and former presidents. The project aimed to support women to earn their living by  producing and marketing  their local cookies and meals. Our board member  Gülen Çetin has coordinated the project. We have collaborated with Aegean University and provincial government of Soma .Aegean University has taught women cooking, food hygiene and marketing. Provincial government of Soma has provided a place to build a kitchen without  a rent. TAUW has provided the necessary kitchenware and  helped for the application of patent for the Soma cookie. We also help them to promote their cookies and special dried soup. The cookies in small boxes is going to be sold at the campus canteens of Aegean University and sooner at the local markets.

SWSA has formed an entity which distributes the earnings to the women working with them and the number of women working with them has been doubled.

Gülbin Tarım